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Evgenii Krouk — Acting Director, Academic Supervisor


Andrey Abrameshin — Deputy Director


Sergey Tumkovskiy — Deputy Director for Academics


Sergey Aksenov — Deputy Director for Research


Address: 34 Tallinskaya Ulitsa, 123458, Moscow
Phone: 8(495)916-88-29
Fax: 8(495)916-88-29
Email: miem@hse.ru

Algebraic Theory of Locally Nilpotent Derivations

Freudenburg G.

Vol. 136: Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences. Bk. VII: Subseries: Invariant Theory and Algebraic Transformation Groups. Springer, 2017.

Bi-states and 2-level systems in rectangular Penning traps

Karasev M., Novikova E., Vybornyi E.

Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics. 2017. Vol. 24. No. 4. P. 454-464.

Book chapter
Multistage RF filtering system for ultralow temperature nanoelectronic experiments
In press

Zavyalov V., Chernyaev S., Shein K. et al.

In bk.: 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics. M.: Faculty of Physics, MSU, 2017.

Current Projects

Basic Research Projects in  2016:

  • ‘Temperature and field dependence of the non-stationary mobility of charge carriers in molecularly doped polymers’. Head of the project - Pozhidaev E.D.
  • ‘Behavior of structural and functional materials under extreme conditions’. Head of the project - Bondarenko G.G.
  • ‘The development of kinetic-inductance single-photon detectors for the visible, near and far infrared ranges’. Head of the project - Chulkova G.M.
  • ‘Macroscopic quantum phenomena at low temperatures’. Head of the project - Arutyunov K.Yu.
  • ‘Mathematical physics of complex systems’. Head of the project - Karasev M.V.
  • ‘Simulation of strain-rate sensetive materials forming’. Head of the project - Aksenov S.A.

Russian Foundation for Basic Research grants in 2016:

  • ‘Information-measuring system of numerical modeling and monitoring of temperature fields of electronic’. Head of the project - Uvaysov S.U.
  • ‘Study of the properties and search of new methods of amplification and generation of electromagnetic waves of non-relativistic electrons in electrodynamic systems millimeter and submillimeter waves’. Head of the project - Solntsev V.A
  • ‘Information system of diagnostic modeling of physical processes in electronic circuits’. Head of the project -Tikhonov A.N.
  • ‘Development of models of quantum planar Penning traps (frequency resonances, non-Lie symmetry algebras, coherent states, spectral asymptotics)’. Head of the project -  Karasev M.V.
  • ‘Poole-Frenkel effect and anomalies of the hopping transport in organic glasses and molecularly doped polymers’. Head of the project -  Saenko V.S.
  • ‘Analytic and algorithmic methods of synthesis of controllers for nonlinear uncertain objects, based on the equations of Bellman-Isaacs, in the problems of differential games’. Head of the project -  Afanasiev V.N.

Projects performed by MIEM HSE staff in 2016: