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Laboratory of Space Vehicles and Systems' Functional Safety

Innovative Information Technologies: Materials of the International scientific-practical conference. Part 1

Prt. 1: Innovative Information Technologies in Education. M.: HSE, 2014.

Electron Transport in Polyethyleneterephthalate

A.P.Tyutnev, V.S. Saenko, A.D. Zhadov et al.

Polymer Science - Series A. 2020. Vol. 62. No. 3. P. 300-306.

Book chapter
Investigation of Electrostatic Discharge Effect on High-power Mosfet-Transistors Considering the Influence of PCB

Konstantinov, U.A.,, Pozhidaev, E.D., Tumkovskiy S.R.

In bk.: 2019 International Seminar on Electron Devices Design and Production (SED). IEEE, 2019. P. 1-4.



15 July 2019

HSE Spotlights Present and Future Scientific Developments at Geek Picnic 2019

This July, St. Petersburg and Moscow hosted Geek Picnic, the popular science festival for lovers of science and cutting-edge technology. This year HSE University became an official partner of the event. Festival guests got to see the recent projects of HSE professors, students, and graduates as well as attend lectures by leading HSE experts.

14 April 2016

14th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference

On April 4th, 2016, the 14th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference took place in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Vladimir Saenko, Professor at MIEM School of Electronic Engineering, presented a report on ‘External and Internal Spacecraft Charging Effects and Mitigation Techniques. Russia’s Approach’.

Laboratory Structure

  • Study of Materials for Space Application
  • Computer modelling
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Experiments

What we do

  • Research and experiments in developing design and technology for space exploration, introducing the results to work in the Federal Space Exploration Agency, Roskosmos   
  • Teaching and supervision for PhD and graduate students
  • Introducing the results of our research and innovative work into teaching programmes at MIEM, HSE
  • Developing the Master’s programme on computer modelling  at MIEM

Work in the Laboratory

  • Development and research of non-conducting materials on the internal surface of spacecraft, to reduce the levels of static-charges.
  • Development of new efficient methods to make structural electro-physical models of the space vehicles using mathematical and computer modelling.
  • Development of new methods to assess the reliability of electronic component bases of in-flight radio-electronic equipment on space vehicles. 
  • Development of methods and means of effective electromagnetic protection for electronic devices from powerful ultra-short electromagnetic impulses and microwaves.
  • Experimenting with spacecraft and their in-flight electronic equipment on interference protection from electrostatic discharges.