HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics

The partnership with National Instruments now rises to a new strategic level

On May 24, 2016 a meeting of the rector of HSE Ya.I. Kuzminov and the management of National Instruments (USA) resulted in a memorandum of cooperation. The global objective is the creation of "National Center for Engineering and Commercialization of Research and Development" on the basis of Higher School of Economics.

The company National Instrument is a leader in the development and production of hardware and software for automation of measurement, diagnostics, control and modeling in a wide range of applications; it is a reliable partner of the leading Russian and foreign universities and research organizations.

The partnerships of NRU HSE MIEM and National Instruments began in 2012, when the joint "laboratory of telecommunication technologies and communication systems" was set up, and continued with opening of "Center of Computer Measurement Technologies ", which in 2015 received the status of an authorized technologic center of National Instruments with appropriate international certification.

Before signing the memorandum, the foreign participants of the meeting, headed by the General Director of National Instruments Pogos Sepoyan, visited the teaching and laboratory complex of NRU HSE MIEM in Strogino, discussed the content and development of educational and scientific processes, got acquainted with laboratory activities, toured the entire complex of NRU HSE MIEM.

According to the memorandum, in 2016 a new track in programmable radio SDR technology will be launched and a new master's program in SDR and Industrial IoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is to be developed. In the future there are plans for student exchanges, joint research projects, and cooperation in various international grants.