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Address: 34 Tallinskaya Ulitsa

Phone: +7 (495) 772-9590 * 15198

Email: blvov@hse.ru

School Head Boris Glebovich Lvov
Deputy Head Evgeny Pozhidaev
Deputy Head Lev M. Sambursky
Deputy Head Maxim Kagan
Deputy Head Lyudmila Seliverstova
Modeling of the Influence of Thermal-Field Electron Emission from the Cathode with a Thin Insulating Film on its Heating in Glow Discharge

Bondarenko G.G., Kristya V. I., Myo T. H. et al.

Journal of Surface Investigation. 2022. Vol. 16. No. 4. P. 581-585.

Book chapter
Towards the Development of Ultrafast Photodetectors Based on Graphene for the Next-generation Telecommunication Systems

I. A. Gayduchenko, An P., V. Belosevich et al.

In bk.: 2022 Photonics & Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS). IEEE, 2022. P. 904-907.

Working paper
Software Complex for the Numerical Solution of the Isotropic Imaginary-Axis Eliashberg Equations

Ikhsanov R., Mazur E. A., Kagan M.

Working papers by Cornell University. Cornell University, 2022. No. 2202.01452.

International youth conference Physica.SPb / 2016

On 1 – 3 November an international youth conference Physica.SPb / 2016, organized by the Physics and Technology Institute A.F. Joffe, was held in St. Petersburg. At the conference were invited not only scientists from Russia, but also from leading universities of Europe. There were about 200 young scientists with poster presentations at the conference.

Egor Sedov – student from second course of master program “Applied Physics” presented the results of his collaboration with student K.-P. Riikonen from NanoScience Centre, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, led by professor Arutyunov K. Yu.