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Address: 34 Tallinskaya Ulitsa

(495) 772-95-90 * 11086
(915) 317-30-12

Email: avbelov@hse.ru

Website editor — Valentina Kalinnikova


School Head — Alexander Belov


Deputy School Head — Yulia Grishunina

Transport Systems of Russian Cities. Ongoing Transformations

Blinkin M. Y., Koncheva E., Kulakov A. et al.

Cham: Springer International Publishing AG, 2016.

Book chapter
Bass' triangulability problem

Vladimir L. Popov.

In bk.: Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics. Vol. 75: Algebraic Varieties and Automorphism Groups. The Mathematical Society of Japan, 2017. P. 425-441.

Working paper
On noncommutative extensions of linear logic

Sergey Slavnov.

arxiv.org. cond-mat. Cornell University, 2017

About the School

The School of Applied Mathematics was created in 2015 on the basis of the MIEM Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, which included the Departments of Cybernetics, Applied Mathematics, Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling, Computer Security, and the Joint Department for Applied Information and Communication Systems and Tools.

‘The applied mathematics faculty was first established in 1968 in the USSR, and throughout its history has been a unique department for mathematicians who can work on solving a wide variety of problems in science and technology using advanced approaches such as automatic calculations and mathematical models and methods’, says Alexander Belov, Head of the School.

The school includes two departments (the Department of Computer Security and the Joint Department for Applied Information and Communication Tools and Systems) and three laboratories (Laboratory of Mathematical Modelling, Laboratory of Information Protection Systems' Modelling and Cryptography and Laboratory of Control and Navigation Systems).

The school focuses on teaching mathematical disciplines for all MIEM tracks to an international level, developing basic and applied research in mathematics, its applications, tools and methods. 

The school lecturers include Tenured Professors, Doctors and Candidates of Sciences and PhD holders.

The school’s main areas of research activity are in line with MIEM’s mission in engineering education and research into the development of control systems and information processing, as well as in modern methods of mathematical and computer modeling.